Hello Sunday – Margo City

XXI Hello Sunday at Margo City offers a delightful escape into the enchanting realm of Mediterranean style. Drawing inspiration from the picturesque landscapes and coastal aesthetics of Southern European countries like Greece, Italy, and Spain, the venue radiates a distinct charm reminiscent of seaside living. With a keen emphasis on indoor-outdoor integration, the design philosophy prioritizes flooding the space with natural light and providing sweeping views of the surroundings, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity for patrons to immerse themselves in.

The design ethos of XXI Hello Sunday celebrates the use of natural materials and finishes, including warm woods, rustic ceramics, intricately woven rattan, earthy terracotta, and soft linen textiles. These elements not only evoke the essence of Mediterranean living but also contribute to the cozy and inviting ambiance of the space. Effortlessly blending contemporary sensibilities with timeless elegance, the venue adopts a minimalist-chic approach to decoration, allowing each element to harmonize seamlessly and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.

Moreover, the furniture selection at XXI Hello Sunday reflects a thoughtful fusion of local craftsmanship with modern design concepts. By incorporating pieces that showcase both traditional artistry and contemporary flair, the venue creates a unique and eclectic atmosphere that captivates the senses. Whether guests are lounging indoors or enjoying the outdoor terrace, every corner of XXI Hello Sunday beckons them to unwind, relax, and indulge in the pleasures of Mediterranean-inspired hospitality.

  • Location:

    Margo City, Depok

  • Client:

    PT Nusantara Sejahtera Raya

  • Size:

    441 m2

  • Year:


  • Services:
    restaurant & bar