Baia Nonna – Grand Indonesia

Within Grand Indonesia’s vibrant pulse, Baianonna whispers a tale of East meets West. Its name, a dance of “baya” (kebaya) and “nonna” (Peranakan Chinese woman), hints at the restaurant’s tapestry: traditional Asian artistry adorned with modern European flair.

Step inside, and earthy greens embrace you, warmed by the rich hues of rattan furniture. The air hums with a serene energy, like a cherished old Chinese house. Tiled walls whisper stories, while ceramic tiles and rattan accents dance under soft light.

Baia nonna is a symphony of senses, where heritage and innovation embrace, promising a delicious journey through time and taste.

Sink into plush rattan chairs, patterned ceramic tiles beneath your feet. Every detail speaks of meticulous care, crafting a haven where time slows and conversations linger like the scent of exotic spices.

Pull up a chair, let the earthy hues melt your worries, and allow Baianonna to serenade your palate.

  • Location:

    Grand Indonesia, Jakarta

  • Client:

  • Size:

    198 m2

  • Year:


  • Services:
    restaurant & bar