Remboelan – Mall Kelapa Gading

Amidst the urban humdrum of Jakarta, Remboelan Restaurant blooms as a haven of tranquility at Mal Kelapa Gading. Stepping inside is like slipping into a secret garden, a refuge woven from nature’s whispers and earthy hues. Palm fronds bathe the space in dappled sunlight, their gentle rustling mirroring the city’s fading chaos. Earth tones, warm and grounding, embrace you like a comforting embrace.

Rattan, a natural symphony of woven fibers, forms the very essence of the restaurant’s soul. It whispers in rustic chairs and tables, invites you to linger on its textured warmth. Stone-inspired tiles echo the earth’s grounding touch, while textured paint breathes life onto the walls, a canvas for playful shadows cast by the leafy canopy. Even the ceiling, adorned with rattan ornaments, hums with a silent melody of nature’s artistry.

Remboelan isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a sanctuary. It beckons you to shed the weight of the day, to breathe deep and reconnect with the calming pulse of nature. In this quiet corner, amongst the rustling leaves and earthy whispers, your busy schedule melts away, replaced by a symphony of serenity. Here, you reclaim not just your appetite, but the peace that echoes within the stillness of a soul replenished.

  • Location:

    Mall Kelapa Gading, Jakarta

  • Client:

  • Size:

    388 m2

  • Year:


  • Services:
    restaurant & bar