Sarana Penida

Being one of the hallmark industries of the industrial era, it is thereby fitting for a shipping company to have their office designed in the industrial style. For this design, metal plates are shaped, stamped, and embellished with custom handle details to look like shipping containers. This main ornament is combined with clean-cut finishes to provide a lively spin in the office space.

This is the office of a shipping company, who delivers items in containers concept-wise, that is clearly where our design idea begins. We designed the Sarana Pendia office by prioritizing the brand image of the company itself, being a well-known Jakarta interior design made us obliged to always be detailed and highlight every advantage our clients have.

  • Location:

    Menteng, Jakarta

  • Client:

    Sarana Penida

  • Size:

    923 m2

  • Year:


  • Services:
    Work Space