Zalora Production Office

Zirconia is one of the gems that is beautiful and bright with crystal clear body. This characteristic resonates with Zalora’s core value of being transparent towards their customers and clients. Thus, we would like to present a space with style that symbolize clarity and straight forward ambiance that express the nature of the user itself.

Our office interior design approach in creating industrial feel is highlighted on the use of materials such as metal, brick wall and concrete finish. Black and white symbolize assurance, no grey area means no obscurity. Thus, monochromatic palette is used throughout the design itself. This is to emphasize the sense of simplicity while still strengthen the core value of Zalora on being transparent to its customers. And as a final touch, we added splash of bright colors such as yellow and green to freshen up the atmosphere

  • Location:

    Bekasi, Indonesia

  • Client:

    PT. Fashion Eservices Indonesia

  • Size:

    520 m2

  • Year:


  • Services:
    Work Space