Soll Marina Hotel

Among other commercial typologies, hotels rank as one of the most complex subjects to be designed, having to account and finding balance for the brand identity from the operator, the budget consideration from the owner, as well as the building’s maintenance needs throughout its operation. Soll Marina is one such hotel that needed to be designed carefully to fulfill considerations from all stakeholders. The material chosen comprised of surfaces that are durable and easy to maintain. Inside the hotel’s 130 rooms itself, there are around ten types of different wall graphics to be used.

Being a Jakarta interior design that is trusted to handle this hotel is an honour. Soll Marina is a three-star hotel in one of the main streets of Serpong, located at a convenient juncture to be reached from several business districts. The hotel is geared towards providing a pleasant stay for business as well as leisure. Inspired by the organic forms of nature, its design boasts an arrangement of fluid shapes and fresh natural colours.

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    Serpong Raya

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    Soll Marina Hotel

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