Semesta – Ashta District8

Semesta by Remboelan at Ashta offers a dining experience that blends Indonesian tradition with modern design elements. The Gunungan Wayang, a symbol of the delicate balance of life and the basic elements of nature, is celebrated here. The contemporary and elegantly designed dining area features a warm earth-toned color scheme and subtle use of geometric shapes, creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests.

At Semesta by Remboelan at Ashta, the design inspiration of Gunungan Wayang is celebrated through the use of natural elements, including earth, water, fire, wind, and space. The dining area is finely designed, featuring a blend of contemporary and traditional elements, wood element, and subtle lighting. The warm earth-toned color scheme creates a cozy and intimate setting for guests to enjoy modern Indonesian cuisine.

Semesta by Remboelan at Ashta pays homage to the Gunungan Wayang and the creation of life in the universe through a fusion of contemporary and traditional design elements. The dining area features a warm color palette, natural materials, and a blend of Indonesian and modern design elements. Guests are invited to celebrate the beauty and complexity of Indonesian culture through our elegantly designed space and commitment to using the basic elements of nature in our dishes.

  • Location:

    Ashta District8

  • Client:

    Remboelan Group

  • Size:

    324 m2

  • Year:


  • Services:
    restaurant & bar