Kappa Sushi – Lippo Mall Puri

Kappa Sushi, located in Lippo Mall Puri, draws its inspiration from Japanese art, particularly origami. Origami is deeply rooted in Japanese culture and has become a universal symbol of children’s yearning for peace. It is regarded as an art form that embodies simplicity and profound depth, reflecting a sense of Zen

The color scheme of the restaurant incorporates red, green, and light grey, creating a harmonious and calming ambiance. The materials used throughout the space include wood, grey-colored stone, and fabric adorned with traditional Japanese patterns

Guests are welcomed by an atmosphere that captures the essence of origami. The overall design features light-colored wood, creatively designed and implemented along the walls and ceiling, reminiscent of the intricate folds found in origami creations.

  • Location:

    Lippo Mall Puri, Jakarta

  • Client:

    PT. Reins Marindo Indonesia

  • Size:

    251 m2

  • Year:


  • Services:
    restaurant & bar