House of Yuen by Sun Tung Lok

The restaurant is situated inside a hotel, with its dining area designed into an L-shaped layout. This configuration relegates the kitchen area conveniently beside the service lift at the corner. The placement of the kitchen also provides a separation between the main and private dining areas, each being provided with different entrances to maintain independence between the zones. The layout allows two sides of the restaurant to gain access towards natural light and views.

A motif repeated throughout the design of Sun Tung Lok is of birds, which symbolise grace and virtue. The Interior design of prominent elements, such as the partitions and sinuous drapery beneath the lamps, are derived from the shape of birdcages. At the entrance foyer, visitors are greeted with an iconic centrepiece: an illuminated artwork of seashells that are carved to appear like feathers, arranged as if fluttering in flight.

  • Location:

    Hotel Fairmont Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Client:

    Sun Tung Lok Group

  • Size:

    832 m2

  • Year:


  • Services:
    Restaurant & Bar