Coffee Crowd

Coffee Crowd is a very popular café and restaurant in Medan and they have brought their flavor to Jakarta and opened its first branch in Pluit Village. They were known for their food and typical Medanese snacks, this is why the place is always filled with people even in-between dining hours. And from this, as interior design in Indonesia, we designed Coffee Crowd to have a warm ambiance by using lots of wooden treatment yet still looking modern. Combined with the use of gold hanging lamps, makes it more attractive to the younger crowds. A wide-open façade was also our design approach in making Coffee Crowd appeared more welcome and inviting, so people could instantly feel the warmth and would want to come in and try their dishes.

  • Location:

    Pluit Village, Jakarta

  • Client:

    PT. Kopi Anugerah Indonesia

  • Size:

    181 m2

  • Year:


  • Services:
    Restaurant and Bar