May May Salon – Lippo Mall Puri

Introducing the May May Salon nestled within the bustling Lippo Mall Puri, an oasis of serenity amidst the urban commotion. Drawing inspiration from the concept of an oasis, a tranquil refuge in the midst of chaos, the salon’s design is a seamless fusion of nature’s vibrancy and soothing earth tones. The paramount aim of this aesthetic is to provide customers with an escape from their hectic routines, allowing them to rejuvenate and renew in a calming ambiance.

The salon’s chosen color palette elegantly embodies this purpose. Granite green, akin to lush foliage, rust reminiscent of earthy warmth, toasted almond exuding comfort, and satin brass gold introducing a touch of elegance, come together to compose a harmonious symphony resonating with nature’s essence. These hues intricately interact to craft an environment that is simultaneously inviting and revitalizing.

Distinguished by its unique design, the Kerastase Room radiates an aura of tranquility and comfort. Infused with an abundance of greenery, this room serves as a harmonious bridge between the indoors and the natural world. The foliage-rich decor not only visually enhances the space but also contributes to the room’s serene atmosphere, promoting a sense of rejuvenation that aligns seamlessly with the salon’s overarching concept