Bon Ami – Surabaya

Bon Ami Restaurant in Surabaya is a masterpiece of Modern Colonial design. The indoor area is a versatile haven, perfect for any occasion and suitable for all ages and genders. With an ambiance that exudes modern elegance, this space is designed to cater to celebratory gatherings and fine dining experiences. The royal blue accents against a backdrop of natural colors create a sophisticated and luxurious setting

The outdoor area of Bon Ami embraces a different world altogether. Drawing inspiration from the tropical surroundings, it creates a chill and relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for family and friends. The nature-inspired design and open-air setting allow guests to connect with the lush greenery while basking in the warmth of the surrounding

To create a unique identity, Bon Ami Restaurant pays close attention to treatment details. Rattan furniture in the outdoor area blends seamlessly with the tropical theme, while wall moulding and arch details indoors evoke the timeless elegance of the colonial era. Wooden window screens offer privacy and elegance, and bold color accents and paneling details add a touch of opulence to the interior.