Successful Restaurant Interior Design Tips

I found an interesting article on “Elements of Successful Restaurant Interior Design” by Ron Gorodesky and Eileen Madigan. Read on how they suggest to:

Determine what your customers want. This may sound like a daunting task but all it really takes is a little research. Who do you talk to? Talk to your customers if you are an existing restaurant. If you are designing a new restaurant, talk to your competition. You would be surprised how talkative your competition is, especially if they are successful.
Getting feedback from your existing customers is extremely important. Chances are these people dine out at other restaurants and can tell you what they like and don’t like about the design of these restaurants.

Talk to your competition – they will tell you what went right with their design and what went wrong. You will also get the added advantage of seeing their design in action.

Do market research – look at the demographics of your location, analyze your competition and determine if there is a niche for your idea. The information you receive from this research will be priceless. Also, you will be giving your customers what they want.

This is related to the aforementioned element but goes a step further. In our information-based society, people can find out more information at a faster rate – and things keep getting faster and faster. Three well-known area restaurants were advertising web sites on the Internet in the last issue of this publication. Also, the TV Food Network has been started and is available on most cable television services. People can get information about restaurants quickly and easily. With more information, potential customers can be more discriminating in their restaurant selection. Interior design influences a restaurant’s atmosphere which impacts the customer’s decision-making process. Some of the recent trends in restaurant design based on our work at RAS and discussions with experts in the restaurant industry incorporate the following elements:
A. An upscale, but casual, theme – Tony Clark’s, a recently-opened restaurant in Philadelphia conforms to this design theme – and has been overwhelmingly successful in its fledgling stage. The Striped Bass also falls into this category. The upscale, but casual design trend appears as though it will carry us into the new millennium.

B. Entertainment-themed restaurants – Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock Cafe are excellent examples of this trend. Also, we are currently designing a prototype restaurant for Philadelphia Park, a thoroughbred racetrack and The Turf Clubs, off-track wagering facilities. We are creating a sports entertainment venue that serves food and beverages. Activities in this venue will not be limited to horse racing – the venue will have the capability to simulcast all forms of entertainment including concerts and sporting events.

C.An exhibition cooking area where your chef is visible. The American public likes to see who is preparing their meals. This design also brings chefs out of the kitchen. If your chef is well-known, it will be a great marketing tool for you.

D. Neighborhood feel – People do business with people they know and like. It is the same with restaurants. Restaurants are creating interior designs that make people feel like they belong. It helps to remember the customer’s name, too – Remember the television show Cheers?


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