Apida – Le Seminyak

Apida Magazine – Le Seminyak

Edition: 16th APIDA Restaurant and Bar 2010

Article: Le Seminyak

Location: Pacific Place, Jakarta

The Interior Design of the Le seminyak Space is inspired by an indoor outdoor living style in typical Balinese compound.

The compound gate is designed with a clean and massive architectureal stone gate with a built in niche for small offering on each side.

Between these pavilions is another courtyard space, with two long solid wood communal tables decorated with water features and another big kamboja tree.

With a support of local artefacts such as the wooden wheels, dried roots, stone basin, fine woodcarvings, and vivid colours of throw pillows installed throughout the design, make the space even more dramatic.

Restaurant Link: www.sendokgarpu.com/gallery/view/281

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