Top 10×10 Apida – Bistro Delifrance

Top 10X10 APIDA

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Edition    : 2009

Article     : Bistro Delifrance

Location  : Plaza FX, Jl.Jenderal Sudirman – Pintu 1 Senayan, Jakarta / 171m2

Designed by: Metaphor Interior Architecture | James Wijaya & Femi Elkos | Apriyanto, Ady Rusyadi, Iskandar Dewantara

Bistro Delifrance

Bistro Delifrance restaurant design is inspired by a red rose flower. Not only does the strong red colour set it apart from surrounding eateries, but the organic shape used in wall and ceiling elements enhances the experience. The reflected materials of mirror stainless steel wall base, bottle shelves and tinted mirror wall in contrast with the rough texture of used-brick hammered finish wall. In addition, continuous wavy ceiling elements coiled to the brick column in the centre of space create a feeling of movement in such a small given space.

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