Eclectic Style of Design

Eclectic sytle has been very popular for the past few years. In fact, the style is growing endlessly in every country. What does actually the word “eclectic” mean? Let’s go deeper to get to know more:

Do you like a wide variety of styles in your home/office/restaurant? Do you prefer things that aren’t “matchy matchy”? Do you like to think outside of the box when it comes to designing – maybe even think up new uses for traditional items? If so, then your style might be eclectic!

Though the word “eclectic” has been around for a long time, it has only recently become known as a decorating style. Eclectic style decorating got its start via the fine arts and architecture when pioneers prided themselves on the fact that they didn’t adhere to any particular style.

The philosophy behind the art movement, called eclectic style, is simple as this: to combine elements or particular styles from different time periods and different origins within a single project. However, it is not necessarily that mixing together that many features of such a variety of styles in some design work would look chaotic. On the contrary, eclectic style is rather harmony-like style, where different pieces of furniture, for example, have their unique places. Also, all the elements are in a thoughtful connection with the other parts of the style in the room, which would make the whole design look as one piece of work.

One might ponder how it is possible for such a completely different variety of things to be mixed together and still remain a one piece of the design style. Of course, a lot of effortsthoughts, and creativity is necessary in order to make the project in eclectic style look great and at the same time logically interconnected. There is a couple of features, such as furniture, color, fabric and finish, which can make eclectic style as one amazing and completed piece of art. This art gave the world many examples of creating something extraordinary yet equally appealing to the eye of an artist and just to a passerby.

One can create a combination of all the different styles such as Mission, Traditional, Country, Contemporary, Loft, Tropical, Retro, Coastal, Asian, Ethnic, Lodge and achieve amazing results. It can sometimes seem inelegant or lacking in simplicity, eclectics are also sometimes criticized for expressing a lack of consistency. But with an eclectic mix one can easily innovate and suit the interior to the needs and personalities of their owners, be it a neo-classicist assortment or some new age fun with a vintage feel. In eclectic, you can create a look that no one else can imitate.

Here’s some guidelines for  typical characteristics of an eclectic style space:

  • Calm mix of periods and styles

As Bill Godley, a Chicago designer said, “You can have three pieces of Chinese furniture, three modern and three Italian provincial, as long as the mix is balanced. “You have to really feel the overall ambience, and be sure the mix is evenly distributed.  In other words, don’t cluster pieces from each style in their own area. For example, you can pile the Chinese brocade pillows on the black, boxy sofa next to the Italian end tables”

  • Neutral background colors
  • Unexpected use of materials and/or items
  • Uniqueness in art and furnishings
  • A “pulling together” through pattern, shape, texture, finish or color

Godley also termed this by a phrase: find the common thread. This is often color, which can be a great equalizer. “I played up those shades within the same range with art and accessories to help unify the space.”  Pillows can also work as glue in a room. “I’ve done rooms where pillows are the main item that pulls the space together,” he said.

  • Lack of clutter – everything has its place
  • Old easily mixed in with new
  • Handmade items or items with sentimental value
  • Celebration of contrasts

It is more desirable in an eclectic interior to have fewer pieces that make a big statement, that emphasize lines and that don’t just fill spaces. Mix looks in accessories too. For example, put modern beside rustic.

Finally, we would like to show you an eclectic design example of our recently fisnished work of art:

Letting go of rigid stylistic boundaries and figuring out what your style is can be great fun. So… what is your style?


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