Surface Asia – Tatemukai Restaurant & Kopi Luwak

Tatemukai Restaurant – Grand Indonesia Mall, Jakarta
Kopi Luwak – Surabaya


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A simple and elegant restaurant where chef Tate-san of Kinokawa serves up clean and traditional Japanese fare. Designed by Singapore and Jakarta – based Metaphor Interior Architecture, the refined simplicity of the cuisine is reflected in its decor, with wood as the main element, creating clean lines yet imparting a warm tone to the space. The discreet entrance is decorated with blocks of blonde wood engraved with symbolic crests representing Japanese clans, while the interior comprises black and white scroll paintings, oversized metal lampshades, and stone accent inspired by the Shinto shrine.

The purveyors of Indonesia’s luxury ‘civet-processed’ coffee, Kopi Luwak, have opened a cosy but arty new cafe in the city of Surabaya. Designed by Metaphor Interior and Architecture, the cafe’s simple but warm decor creates an understated background to the luxury of the coffee. Choholate-coloured wood, layered red brick and dry cement walls, and traditional Indonesian teapots, coffee cups and photo frames fill up the space, giving it an artistic and nostalgic atmosphere.

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